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From Our Award Winning Studio

Designer Style DIY Jewelry Kits

And You're the Designer! One-Of-A-Kind... LIKE YOU!

Build Creative Confidence

With proprietary DIY kits that yield professional results!

Tested & Perfected

In the only studio of it's kind. Now available in Studio-to-Table DIY Jewelry Kits for Women and Girls.

No experience required.

What Our customers are saying

My Daughter and I created a Mother Daughter Designer Jewelry Kit together and will treasure the jewelry AND the wonderful time we spent together making it.

Jana K.

I never felt "creative" or that I could make jewelry before.  It was easy and I love the bragging rights to say "I made it myself". (My friends don't believe me though.)

Stacy R.

The ability to make a piece of jewelry that looks this good in 30 minutes is astonishing. What a great concept.  The prices are great and the quality isfar better than I expected. 

Theresa P.


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